Sustainable development

Implement and maintain environmental performance standards

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Standard Property & Facility Management observes environmental standards in the operation and management of its office real estate in order to keep environmental impact as low as possible. The building management systems used by the Company reduce the consumption of natural resources and minimize carbon footprint. Environmentally responsible practices are applied, including separate waste collection and recycling.

Sustainable development

Standard Property & Facility Management certifies buildings to the national CLEVER environmental performance standard and the internationally recognized BREEAM environmental performance standard. In addition to assessing the quality of building management systems, CLEVER and BREEAM standards also take into account the work of the owner and management company in creating a comfortable and productive environment for tenants, as well as the impact that buildings have on local communities.

Management of office centres to high environmental standards ensures the best-possible working conditions for the staff of tenant companies. Aspects, to which Standard Property & Facility Management pays careful attention, include air quality, temperature, and acoustic and visual comfort. All buildings managed by Standard Property & Facility Management incorporate recreation areas and (where possible) landscaped outdoor spaces.

landscaped outdoor spaces